Benefits of Using Gonadorelin And Why It’s Important

Gonadorelin is a vital component of most TRT programs. To date, the team at Royal Medical Center has worked closely with compounding pharmacies in order to test the efficiency of Gonadorelin. In doing so, patients go through a series of lab panels for about 4 months.

Royal Medical Center is the only clinic that has conducted trials to further prove the effectiveness of Gonadorelin for our patients.

Additionally, we are very precise when it comes to measuring the dosing. When the right dosage is administered, it will boost your LH levels.

Full Benefits of Gonadorelin

The following are some incentives that patients benefit from when using Gonadorelin as part of their treatment program:

  • Prevents testicular shrinkage
  • Increases LH
  • Helps to boost libido
  • Regulates and normalizes your testosterone levels

If you would like more information about Gonadorelin and its effectiveness, you can coordinate with our team at Royal Medical Center, to ensure that you are fully informed on your TRT regimen.

Lab Work For Gonadorelin & Testosterone

Our clinic at Royal Medical Center has completed hundreds of labs for our patients, in order to showcase the effectiveness of Gonadorelin. To see how the lab results should look when you’re a patient of ours on a comprehensive regimen, click here:

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