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Erectile Dysfunction

Royal Medical Center has seen thousands of patients that suffer from this common disorder. Patients have tried various ways to treat the problem. Some men have used pills or drinks, while others have even gone so far as injecting themselves with prescription medications. Most men are looking for a quick fix. Meanwhile, they ignore the core causes of the problem that harms their bodies.

Through various testing, we have found a common denominator. The guys with erectile dysfunction have all suffered from significantly low male hormone levels. At the same time, they possess a high count of the female hormone, estrogen. Through our testosterone replacement therapy, we increase the patient’s testosterone levels and decrease his level of estrogen with real hormone treatment. The results of the hormone therapy have been outstanding.

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I would really like to commend the work the gentlemen at Royal Medical Center are doing. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to addressing any concerns I may have. My medication arrives on time without having to make a call to request a prescription, all of the meds shipped are U.S. made, and you can tell because the increase in the quality of my life has improved dramatically. Keep doing what you are doing Royal Medical Center. We, being men, truly appreciate it.

Bill – Atlanta, GA.

ED Is No Longer An Issue!

Before I came to Royal Medical Center, I was trying everything in order to get an erection. The most recent and extreme was the penile injection. It worked great about 75% of the time, but the idea of injecting my penis before sex was becoming a burden. I knew there had to be another way. I found Royal Medical Center and liked what they had to say. They were professional and quick to assist me. I was able to get my lab work done and within days I was in their office. The doctor was great and determined that I had significantly low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels. Once the doctor was able to lower my estrogen and increase my testosterone level, I was back to a 16 year old boy. It was life-changing. Now I have been on the program now for a year and half and I feel phenomenal.


Our therapy program is proven to help men and women experiencing the effects of hormone imbalance. We keep it simple. We keep it safe. We offer an individualized program that is complete with all medication and extensive monitoring that is necessary while on treatment.

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