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HRT Common Mistakes & Instructions


1. When mixing the HCG please make sure that you are only missing 5ml’s of water and not the full 10 ml’s in the bottle.
The only reason you receive a 10ml vial of water is due to the fact that this is all the pharmacy carries. If you mix the full 10 ml’s of water it will cause your HCG to become overly dilluted. After reconstitution HCG must be refrigerated.

2. Please make sure that you are only injecting 1cc of testosterone per week. You receive a 10ml vial, enough to last you 10 weeks. You should not find yourself running low during an 8 week period. We have had some customers complain that they do not have enough medication to last the entire two months and we believe this is caused by the following:

On all of our needles there is a “Dome” on the top of the plunger. When filling the syringe with medicine, you must make sure that the first line after the dome is used to measure. Do not use the top of the “Dome” to measure. See screenshots shown in this page (“Correct Way” and “Incorrect Way”)

Remember to store the bottle of testosterone upright after use. If the bottle is left on its side it is possible medication may leak through the puncture hole(s) in the rubber stopper. Store at room temperature do not refrigerate.

3. In regards to UPS requiring a signature for delivery, if you are not home during the week you may use what is called an indirect signature. Meaning, when UPS leaves a sticker on your door you may sign that sticker giving them permission to leave the package during redelivery. Please note that if you do sign this and the package does not get to you, please do not call us for a replacement as you are reponsible once you sign the sticker.

Thank you for your ongoing support, hopefully these tips will serve you well. Please feel free to contact Royal Medical Center with any further questions or concerns.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Rodriguez, M.D.
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