Manopause & Andropause

Manopause is another term used to describe Andropause, the collection of symptoms that a man suffers from when they have a testosterone deficiency. At Royal Medical Center, we fully understand the nature of the problem. The effective program we use allows us to give our patients optimal results.


Our effective hormone therapy uses three different types of medicine to ensure that every patient achieves success. These hormone treatments include the following:


is used to increase and optimize free and total testosterone levels. The dosage varies and is determined by the prescribing physician.


is a hormone agonist used to prevent testicular shrinkage and maintain the natural production of the hormone in the testes. It is also used to test the effectiveness of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.


An Estrogen Blocker
is used to control the levels of estrogen in men’s bodies. Yes, men have estrogen, and some have high levels naturally. Elevated estrogen levels can cause unwanted belly fat, breast fat, mood swings, and the loss of libido. Estrogen tends to work against testosterone. This is why Royal Medical Center closely monitors estrogen levels in our patients.


We keep it simple. We keep it safe. Royal Medical Center offers an individualized program that is complete with all medication and extensive monitoring that is necessary while relying on hormone supplementation to counter unwanted symptoms that are related to hormone deficiency.