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People often mention how health programs have changed the way they live today. As one of the leaders in Hormone Replacement Therapy, we know firsthand how life-changing our program is for our patients. We want to share patient stories that show the difference Hormone Replacement Therapy has made in their lives.


Started Program: 8-28-2018 – 52 years old. Lost over 90lbs and 10in off my waist.


Started Program: 4-01-2018 – It was getting harder and harder to stay in shape. My energy levels were low and had no drive. Called Royal Medical and the staff was amazing they answered my questions addressed my concerns. After about 2-3 weeks I noticed I was recovering a lot faster after a work out my energy improved and my all around attitude was better. This has been a great experience!


Started Program: 11-1-2018 – The biggest thing for me was that I start work at 6:00 AM and was exhausted by 2:00 PM. This program has significantly reduced that. Everyone at RM has been great.


Started Program: 2-6-2019 – I have been on hormone replacement therapy for a year and feel great. I am 48 years old and have always worked out and enjoyed sports. I found myself tired and losing passion for things I once enjoyed. I thought for years it was due to the fact that I work 24 hour shifts as a firefighter. I started therapy and quickly felt better. I now am back to working out 5 days a week and now feel better than I have felt in years. Royal Medical Centers make the process simple and easy. I have recommended them to several co workers at the fire department and clients at the gym.


Started Program: 8-24-2018 – I have been working out since the age of 16. I’ve been both a bodybuilder and a power lifter. I could always manage my weight, however when I reached 56, I found myself weighing 242, with a 44 waist. So when I began a diet that normally worked, and began running, I not only found it difficult to lose weight, but I had no energy, and then came the blocked LAD artery. Feb, 2018 I had to have a stent. So once back on my feet, I contacted RMC to find out my testosterone level, as low testosterone can result in heart disease. Well I tested in the low 300’s, so I was approved for HRT. I began my first injection on 8/24/2018. Six months later I lost 60 pounds, my waist went from 44 to 33. I was running 7 miles a day, 6 days a week. And my strength in the gym returned as well as my muscle mass. And the surprise I did not expect, is this, I have had a prostectomy, and for the past 6 years, I could not get an erection, well 15 months of HRT, I’m very pleased to report I now can get and maintain a full erection again. My body shape improves every day, I still run 5 miles a day, and lift weights 5 days a week. My energy level is insane. I went from weighing 242 down to 183, I maintain 195 now, but much is muscle mass not fat. HRT is the best treatment for older males that wish to always be physically active and feel amazing everyday.


Started Program: 02-19-2019 – Success Story: As I approached 40 years old, I felt like my best days were behind me. I was perpetually exhausted; I had little to no physical, mental, or sexual energy. After a few treatments with Royal, I felt like I had just signed a new lease on life. I am more productive at work, at home – in numerous ways ;-), and I am putting more weight up at the gym then I did in my 20s. Royal’s TRT treatment is a life-changer!


Started Program: 09-01-2019 – Success Story: 54 year old feeling 17 again after obesity for 30+ years


Started Program: 09-01-2019 – Success Story: “Thanks for giving me back my life Royal Medical Center”


Started Program: 09-01-2019 – Success Story: At 48 years old, I was 290 pounds (5 feet 8 inches), high blood pressure, per-diabetic and couldn’t walk around the block without resting. As of today (age 50), I am at 182 pounds . I run 4 miles five times a week and strength train three days. Blood pressure returned to normal as did blood sugar. I used testosterone replacement as a tool along with lowering carb intake and slowly increasing exercise levels. I feel better than I have in a long time, and I am in better shape I think than even in my teens.”


Started Program: 09-19-2020 – Success Story: I am definitely staying more fit while on this program. As I have gotten older I just wasn’t recuperating between workouts and it was making it hard for me to maintain the level of fitness I want for hiking, playing sports or just doing physical work. I slowly was losing the drive to keep going because I was not only stalled in my fitness, but going backwards. It is so important to me to maintain good health and I know for a fact this program has made that possible. I can’t stop getting older, but I can slow down the effects of aging and I will do so as long as I am alive. This program is a very important part of my life now and I am so glad they were there for me at this time in my life. I am thankful I have this as a choice to add to my life long goal of maintaining the best health I can as long as I can. I think I look pretty good for someone over 67 years old.


Started Program: 12-12-2018 – I am 75 years old and have been with the Royal program about 13 months. Of course the first thing I appreciated was the moderate cost, especially compared to other programs, The Royal fee indeed covers everything. Secondly was the ease of entering. I had to do the labs and bloodwork and I was happy to have that information in any case. I have found the staff, in particular Walter Perez to be helpful and Dr. Rodriguez has explained and adjusted my dosage as needed. All the advice has been helpful. It is indeed important to donate blood on a regular schedule to keep the red blood cell count within normal ranges. I have felt great and noticed a faster recovery from workouts and better results as well. A great program.


Started Program: 08-21-2020 – I’m an entrepreneur and was having a terrible time. Insomnia, no sex drive, muscle wasting, not able to improve in the gym even though I worked out 5 times a week. Constantly in pain, slow recovery from injuries – building custom cars is hard on your body. My hair was falling out rapidly. No confidence, no energy just barely getting through the days. I contacted my rep Pete and got blood work done and I was 238 total testosterone. I’ve been on the program for 14 months approximately. These photos are time stamped as well. Eating 5,000 calories a day I was able to put on 40lbs in 4 months and keep fighting with toning and adding weight. I’m a few months shy of 40 just broke 300lb bench press this week and working out with 700lbs in my squat workouts. Energy is unbelievable and yet I still feel like my biggest gains are mentally. My insomnia of 10 years went away after 2 weeks. Such a great experience… first pic 168lb, second pic 208 lbs in December of 20, third pic 208lb last week. I don’t drink party, do drugs, no caffeine, 200 grams of protein a day with vitamin supplements and i feel as great as I ever have.