What do you do if you have high PSA?


PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) testing is controversial to say the least. The prostate specific antigen is a protein that is produced by the prostate. This blood test, along with a prostate examination, is one of the ways that prostate cancer can be detected, as PSA can be elevated years before prostate cancer causes any symptoms in the body. However, the results of PSA testing are imprecise, and high levels do not necessarily signal that one has cancer.

The doctor has requested that you see a Urologist. Seeing a Urologist could potentially be one of the most important doctors visit one may have. An elevated PSA level may indicate the possibility of prostate cancer, or infection. Also, certain medications and pressure to the general area from activities such as sex or bicycle riding. We want to prepare you that it is vital to determine the precise cause of your elevated PSA levels. Radical prostatectomy or prostate removal is a serious procedure not without its inherent risks and complications and it is important to consider second and even third opinions before deciding your next course of action. When warranted, biopsies are a crucial part of the clinical evaluation. The videos we provided below are to help you formulate an educated decision before you agree to a potentially invasive procedure.

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