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Don’t Get Fooled by Copycat Clinics

It’s only $195 per month!

Your monthly hormone treatment includes:

  • All lab testing
  • All follow-up exams
  • All patient consultations
  • All physical examinations
  • A complete therapeutic hormone program, which consists of 3 main medications

Don’t Get Fooled by Copycat Clinics

Other Benefits of Hormone Therapy

  • Labs are drawn at a convenient location nearest to the patient.
  • Within 30-90 days, follow-up labs are completed in order to determine if adjustments are required to optimize the results of the treatment.
  • All medications are FDA approved and dispensed by pharmacies in the United States.
  • All medications are shipped free of charge directly to the patient and contain a two months supply.
  • Medications are sent every two months automatically to prevent a lapse in therapy.
  • Annual labs and doctor consultations are included so we can monitor the patient's levels and make sure they are in an optimal range

Our program works as follows:


Initial Consultation

Complete comprehensive panel of labs. Complete review of medical history. Complete physical examination. Physician’s consultation.


Custom Program For You

A complete therapeutic hormone therapy program will be designed by our doctors to meet the needs of each individual patient to maximize hormone levels.


Delivered To You

Once the doctor has designed an individualized hormone program for the patient, the medication will be shipped from the pharmacy to the patient’s home or office.