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Hair Loss Treatment For Thinning Hair


Take advantage of this treatment to aid in hair loss.



Directions: Apply Medication directly to the scalp at bedtime and cover it with a shower cap while sleeping.

Notes: The patient will still wash their hair regularly. The solution will be applied to the scalp daily after the scalp is dry.

Cost: $60 per 30ml added to any other order. May be subjected to an additional $20 for shipping.

What is in this blend:

  • Minoxidil- Solution used to help treat male pattern baldness, the front of the scalp. The common brand is Rogaine.
  • Finasteride- Also known as Propecia is typically an oral form of treatment but has fewer side effects when used topically to treat the full scalp.
  • Ketoconazole- Used with this blend to treat the side effects of dry scalp and dandruff caused by topical finasteride.
  • Latanoprost- Used to improve hair density.


Potential Side effects: Some patients may experience dry flaking scalp or dandruff.

Overall this is very safe and does not present many common side effects.


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